Better meetings means better business.

The room was packed with 25 people, standing room only an irrelevant presentation on the screen and NOBODY was paying attention. I needed to make sure that never happened again: AvoidMeetingHell was born.

Our Mission:

Turn wasted time into productive time.

AvoidMeetingHell does one thing, it teaches how to have great meetings. We believe that great ideas are quick to teach. Our program gets teams on the same page fast and ready to facilitate better communication. The basic program is similar to the presentation that lead you to this site but with much more emphasis on meeting types, maintaining momentum and encouraging useful outcomes from meetings.

We want to make teams stronger immediately which means we need to deliver fast, effectively and well. The core program is taught in around two hours - Yes that fast.


Visit our details page for more information.

How this works.

We  teach two ways. Our most popular option is online. We can use various video conferencing tools to deliver wherever you may be. Of course we can also do the program at your location. We find that many of our clients prefer the online approach mainly because of cost and immediacy.


Knowledge should not cost a fortune. To make a difference we chose to be affordable. The online program costs $500US for an audience of up to 10 People. If you would like us to host the program for more people we would be thrilled to quote that. If you would also like to explore the options for on location delivery we can provide you the details.


About this

For digital delivery we can use any of the following: Skype, Google hangouts and GoToMeeting.

AvoidMeetingHell is part of a group of products created by Brady Gilchrist a veteran internet entrepreneur and executive with a passion for teaching.

What we share relates to the real world.  Many of the skills and insights are core tools that have been created and used in many different business ventures over the past 24 years. The company is headquartered in Toronto and does business globally.


Our mantra  -  Ignite Achievement

I'd like to learn more

If you think this would benefit your company or team we would love to hear from you. We want to make this as easy as possible. Click on the link below send us an email  and we will start the process. Simple.

What we do.

The details.

What's the cost.




We can do this either in a group setting which we highly recommend for getting the best team dynamic or we can deliver simultaneously to many people in different locations. Our goal is to make this VERY simple for you.


54,835,900 workers in America are considered white collar. If each of them wasted three hours a week in needless meetings that would be 164,507,700  wasted hours a week or an astounding  8.5 Billion wasted hours year. Put another way, assuming that the average worker costs a company $50/h wasted meetings cost US companies $425,000,000,000 a year. That is an extraordinary number almost 1/2 of a trillion dollars simply because of poor meeting skills. Wow.


The Presentation

We believe that ideas should be shared. Many people find us through the content we create and post online for free.

The online versions of our presentations will always be free but if you desire your own digital copy you can download it instantly for $9.99. The digital copy contains PDF, Keynote and Powerpoint versions. The file is compressed as a zip and is 39MB.


 The Keynote and Powerpoint slides cannot be edited but you are free to rearrange the slides or add your own.  All participants who take our program will receive digital copies of the presentation materials as part of the full program.


Restrictions on use: Unfortunately the slides may not be used in any dedicated training program, commercial consulting applications or be made available on the web without license. The slides also must display our copyright notice. Sharing with your team and your colleagues is of course encouraged!

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